Goal Setting Tips

I like goals.  I like having a direction to focus on and pursue.  If you’re thinking about your own goals this year, I’d like to offer a few tips.  If you’re not, now is as good of a time as any to start. Goal Setting Tips 1) Start with review I’ve written before about the importance of looking back, but it bears repeating: you can’t…

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The Gratitude Challenge

At the time of this writing, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US.  It’s a time of year that’s usually filled with family, food, and (American) football. It rarely has much to do with the name, “Thanksgiving”. I think we should change that; because cultivating gratitude can change your life in profound ways. So here’s a simple challenge: – Set a timer for 5 minutes. – Ask yourself:…

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Is There Still Time for Your Goals?

There are 78 days until the end of the year.  What are you going to do with them? The fourth quarter of the calendar year isn’t when we think about goals and goal setting.  But it should be. What do you want to remember having done with your 2018? There’s still time. What did you want to do 287 days ago when this year started?…

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