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Q&A Webinar: Finding Purpose, Passion, and Work Worth Doing

I’ll try anything to connect with and help people that are passionate about life, work, and making something great (even if you don’t know what it is yet).

The more conversation I have, the more convinced I am that the key to finding your own way has to do with taking risks and having courageous conversations. I’m also becoming more and more convinced that the best way to help people is to listen to the questions that you’re asking.

I can talk, write, and create all I want, but if it doesn’t speak to the questions you’re asking, then I’m wasting both of our time.

With all of this in mind, I’m hosting a free Q&A Webinar: Finding Purpose, Passion, and Work Worth Doing on Thursday, Nov. 20th at 4PST/7EST…

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Finding Your Quest: An Interview with Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau knows a lot about doing big and hard things. For the past 12 years he was on a quest to visit all 193 countries in the world, and to do it before his 35th birthday. After years of planning, traveling, more planning, more travels, and many surprises and mishaps along the way, he achieved his goal earlier this year.

It’s simple enough for me to offer Chris a congratulatory pat on the back for his achievements and move on, but I’d like to make sure we let this sink in.

This took twelve years. There are few things that I’ve pursued for that long. Add in the difficulties and obstacles along the way: logistics, travel costs, time, and politics — and it’s truly unbelievable.

All of this is why Chris is the perfect person to write about large undertakings in his most recent New York Times Best Seller: The Happiness of Pursuit. You may have seen his book on my recommended reading list. It’s a fun and fantastic read for anyone and everyone who wants to do something big in life.

I had the chance to pick Chris’s brain about his book and doing big things.

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The Meaning of Passion: the GoldieBlox Story

Are you familiar with the toy Goldieblox yet? It’s a toy intended for girls that combines stories with building things. The goal is to helps young girls develop skills in engineering and physics.

It was funded nearly twice over on kickstarter a while back and has continued to grow and expand.

The kickstarter video continues to stick with me.

These are the first lines: “Hi. My name is Debbie. I’m an engeneer from Stanford and I was always bothered by how few women there were in my program, so I decided to do something about it.”

She goes on to tell of how as a child she never really played with toys that encouraged building things. Building toys were “boy toys”, so no one thought to get them for her.

Then she talks about putting all of her resources and savings into creating Goldieblox…

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It’s World Suicide Prevention Day and This is Why It Matters

There are some things that I don’t want to write about, but they need to be written. This is one of them: I struggle with depression.

I don’t know when I first felt it. I think it’s always been with me, more or less.

In my younger years I would feel down and go hide somewhere private. I’d go to my room and cry — for no apparent reason. It expressed itself as being volatile sometimes.

In my high school and college years I would have moments where I would be overwhelmed with emotion. A small sadness or difficulty would trigger a flood of overwhelming feelings.

I didn’t have a name for it then. One of my closest friends in college had similar experiences from time to time. He called them “blue days”. That name was helpful, and got me closer to calling it what it was.

I always felt that the ups and downs were linked to each other. I knew that when I felt positive, I was really positive. My optimism would be irrepressible. I’ve always dreamed big dreams and found so much joy and energy in the possibilities of life.

But the downs are also dark and heavy…

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