One-on-One Sessions

I offer one-on-one online sessions.  These allow me to dive deep with you into your process, your obstacles, and your work.  If you're looking to make fast progress and get my individualized attention, this is for you.

Online Course

I took everything that I know about helping people like you find their life's work and put it into a course.  I built the course on the same framework that I use for my one-on-one work.  It's a proven system for going from where you are right now to finding and doing your dream job.

Mastermind Group

Getting from where you are right now to where you want to be can be complex.  I created a cohort to help people who know what they want but need help getting there.  Think support, big action, and accountability.  This is where you find your team and your team makes sure no one gets left behind.

Operating Instructions: a Goal Setting and Review Process

This is a year long goal setting process.  It helps you not only set realistic goals, but moves you through a monthly rhythm of breaking your big goals into smaller goals and actionable to-do items.  If you've ever wanted more clarity on what to do next, this is for you.

Never Give Up Print

Limited Edition Print

One of the most difficult aspects of pursuing your life's work is staying in the tension between where you are and where you want to be.  I created this simple print to serve as a reminder for the Meaning Movement community.  Hang it where you'll see it.  Put it where you need to be reminded: Never give up.

Never Give Up Print

Speaking, Workshops, and Group Facilitation

I do keynotes, workshops, and group facilitation.  Planning an event?  Let's talk about how we can partner.

Free Offerings:

Month-Long Challenge

No one likes February.  Typically an in-between month, I created a project to make February into one of the best months of the year.  Fearless February is about taking action on something that you've been afraid of for too long.  It's about big risks and learning to be courageous.

Email Course

Straight and to the point, I created the 5 Clues to Your Calling Mini-Course to help you take five simple and achievable steps closer to knowing and doing your calling.  You get 5 quick and easy to read emails.  Each gives you places for further exploration and reflection.


The Meaning Manifesto lays the foundation for how you think about who you are and how it intersects with what you do.  It's a quick but important read.  Get it for free below.

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