Find Your Voice by Using It

Roughly once a month for the past year a small group of people have gathered in a wine cellar tucked away beneath a restaurant in Seattle. We gather to tell stories. This group was birthed from a desire to use this beautiful space and a desire to create a place for people to bring parts of themselves that they want to be known to others….

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Four Reasons Why You Need a Routine

I’ve never been great at being scheduled. In some ways, time can just be difficult for me. That probably sounds crazy, and I wish I was joking, but I’m not. I have a hard time estimating time, and sticking to a schedule. Though being unscheduled can feel really nice, it can make getting things done rather difficult. As Stacia and I have pushed further into…

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That Once-In-a-Lifetime Opportunity: Does it Really Exist?

Can we talk about that “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” for a moment? We hear this a lot, and it’s all really exciting, but I want to pick it apart a little bit. “Once-in-a-lifetime” things are electric. They give us butterflies in our stomachs. They feel as though, if we play our cards just right, we will go places and experience things that we couldn’t otherwise. Thus, we…

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