Using Film to Change the World with Lisa Russell

Lisa Russell is a humanitarian filmmaker and UN/NGO Storyteller. In her words, her work “lies at the intersection of arts, social justice and global development.” I love that, because I love intersections, particularly the intersections of such important things. I also love it because it’s so specific. Lisa isn’t making summer blockbuster entertainment films. She’s making films that tell the truth about people and issues…

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The Art of Mindful Service with Stefan Ravalli

What does mindfulness and meditation have to do with hospitality, restaurants, and service?  For Stefan Ravalli the answer is everything. After digging deep into the service world through bartending and craft cocktails, Stefan slowly found himself being invited to more— more than just performance, more than just entertainment, more than just making good drinks.  A journey of exploration that took him around the globe and…

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Defining Your Own Success with Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis is a designer, developer, author, podcaster, and much more.  I’ve been following his work for years online. He just wrote a book that challenges us to think about success, what we want, and how we build careers, projects, and companies in pursuit of those ideals. Paul and I dig into things like money, partnerships, and how to know when to quit.  A super…

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